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Aerial Photography & Video

With the advent of drone photography and videography we are able to get customers new angles and perspectives that were before either really costly or impossible. Earlier solutions ranged from Scissor Lifts & Photo Poles to Helicopters & Small Planes and I’ve done them all. Drones do have some limitations due to government airspace regulation, but this new capability drone photography and videography offers is changing the landscape of image capture capability and the images we can capture for you.

Construction CompositeConstruction Composite Drone photography and videography is a great solution for land developers looking to pre-visualize a space, to home owners looking to sell a spectacular property, to companies looking to feature their industrial footprint and scale. Drone image capture is applicable to so much more, not to mention it’s commercial video application.

To find out more about how aerial or drone photography can serve you, please contact me for more information.

49 Acre Property

Aerial Photography from a PlaneAerial Photography from a PlaneAerial Photography shot from a plane to photograph the Mesilla Valley Mall.