Advertising Photography HandyMan AdA full page ad for Mr. Handy Man.

Advertising photography composes a large segment of all that commercial photography entails.

At times, photography affects the viewer on a subliminal level; advertising photography, however, is purposely crafted to target the viewer subliminally, on a primal level with sex and on an emotional level with the feelings of desire, inadequacy, and often times with humor.

Advertising photography is the dominant advertising medium of our time as it most effectively uses the power of the image to spark the viewer’s interest, fascination, and desire, and in the end convey the joys and benefits of consumerism.

Advertising photography may encompass product photography, fashion photography, or food photography; it could be an abstractly narrative art piece, or a combination of all of the above. In any shoot, however, successful advertising photography requires an expertise in camera and lighting skills as well as in compositing and post-production.  

I shoot both on location and in studio for advertising agencies, design firms, or I shoot directly for the end client. Whether it is a high-end or low-end production project, I am committed to producing outstanding advertising images and I can help you put together your production at competitive rates.

Rates for advertising photography are on a case-by-case basis and vary with production costs and requirements. Please contact me for more information.

El Paso commercial photographer Jesse Ramirez serves the El Paso and Las Cruces area, and the greater Southwest as an experienced and exceptional advertising photographer.