Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Architectural photography is commissioned for many reasons–reasons ranging from wowing the viewer with a marvel of geometric form, to simply conveying

the experience of being in and around a built environment. As a Southwest architectural photographer based in El Paso, Texas, I do residential and commercial architectural photography and videography for custom homebuilders, architects, interior designers, and developers– I photograph all forms of architecture. I also provide photography for realtors, real estate agents, real estate developments, construction projects, the hospitality industry, home magazines and industrial clients. I also shoot architectural photography for restaurants that want to feature their restaurant’s distinctive architecture or would like to capture the unique ambiance of their restaurant that can only be found during business hours, when patrons are enjoying their dining experience.

Whether you have a single story residential building or a downtown skyscraper, I can photograph all your interiors and exteriors.

Rates for architectural photography are on a case-by-case basis and vary with production costs and requirements. Please contact me for more information.

Magazine shoot 1Magazine shoot 1 Magazine Shoot 2Magazine Shoot 2 Above are two examples of techniques used. The first is an image strait out of the camera, the adjacent image is with advanced lighting and post production techniques.


El Paso commercial photographer Jesse Ramirez serves the El Paso / Las Cruces area and the Southwest as an experienced and exceptional architectural photographer.